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I-A-S: Warren Mantison by Mattpwnsall
I-A-S: Warren Mantison

NEW: I've made some edits to his profile and had his picture changed. Enjoy :)


B A S I C    I N F O R M A T I O N

   Name: Warren Mantison

   Rank: Trainee

   Alias: Cicada
   Ability: Water manipulation

   Age: 18

   Sex: Male

   Weight: 147 lbs
   Height:  5’11”

   Eye color: Brown

   Hair color: Normally dark brown (With dyed blue streaks)
    Nationality: American
   Ethnicity: Chinese/Korean
   Birthday: February 19
   Horoscope: Pisces

   Quote: "Bring it on. I think I can handle it..."



Strength: [ 8/25] 

Agility: [ 7/25]

Physical health: [ 8/25]

Mental health: [ 8/25]

Knowledge: [ 8/25]

Charm: [ 6/25]

HP:  [23]

REPUTATION: [ 16/100]

D E T A I L E D  I N F O R M A T I O N


On the outside, Warren is cocky and proud, but deep down, he is resentful due to the fact that he believes he is not valued highly by his father. Warren has always lived in the shadow of his older brother since their father is traditional and values the older son a bit more highly. Despite understanding that it’s not his brother’s fault nor his father’s, this has led to him being slightly resentful. He covers up his resent with a cocky and proud personality that has him trying to prove himself in everything from combat to elemental manipulation. Sometimes he is as good as he says and other times, he is just talking smack. But despite him being underappreciated by his father, he has not let that stop him from going even further to prove himself worthy of his father’s respect.


His desire to improve and be better has led to him valuing friendship a little lower than he should. But despite that, he is loyal and true to his friends, willing to protect them to the end. Anytime he sees someone being treated unfairly or unjustly, he will step in like the chivalrous young man he is. Though he may take it a step too far once in a while, his intentions are always with the best interests in mind.


He is always open and willing to listen to what is new and will give it a try if he is interested, but he knows his limits-most of the time. His desire to prove himself has made him daring, and he will sometimes take risks that may result in personal injury.


   Positive traits: Loyal, open minded, tolerant, swift, strong, witty, charming, caring, honorable, brave, determined

   Negative traits: Nosy, show off, arrogant at times, dense, impulsive, impatient, jealous, resentful, stubborn, vain, headstrong

 Ability in Use:

Warren is able to manipulate water. He can use it to shape the water to create water tentacles and whips for offense and water walls for defense. He has also been able to manipulate oceans and other bodies of water, but the range is limited up to 43 feet. Additionally, he can change the density of the water and solidify it, allowing him to walk on top of it, create weapons and armor made of hardened water, or even change the pressure of the water to crush small items, like glass bottles. To a certain extent, he can also filter and purify water by removing impurities and whatever isn’t water.

NEW: In addition, after returning home and discovering the true source of his powers, he has acquired a new ability he calls water vision. When activated, his eyes glow blue and the world appears grey and water is highlighted. Clean water is blue, polluted water is brown, poison is green, toxic water is yellow, and so forth. He can only use it continuously for a minute before the strain becomes too much for his mind.

However, in places with little water, he will be at a disadvantage. His ability also requires concentration, so if he is exerted to his limits or he is heavily discouraged, his water manipulation is likely to falter or even fail.


Warren and his brother were both born into an upper class family in America, with a father who is wealthy and has considerable connections and wealth. His father is Chinese while his mother is Korean. With his father being old fashioned and valuing the firstborn son more than the secondborn, Warren ended up growing up in his brother’s shadow. His older brother grew up being the smarter one since his father believed that knowledge is power and thus is what makes a man worthy. Their father treats both of his sons well, but does not appreciate Warren enough.

Naturally, this neglect drove a wedge between Warren and his father. To get on his father’s dander, Warren became a bit more and more of a rebel over the years, doing small annoying things, from coming home late, to dying his hair, and shrugging off responsibility.

Both Warren and his brother were enrolled in a martial arts school, where both of them excelled in H2H combat and weapons. Preferring strength and flow over accuracy and technique, Warren became proficient in a hard-hitting style along with saber combat.

Warren’s powers first manifested when he was 7. During a trip to the beach, Warren and his brother were swimming in the ocean playing a game of chicken. Even though he had already won, he continued to swim out to the ocean. Naturally, he ran out of energy and his leg cramped up to the point where it couldn’t move due to the extreme physical exertion. He started to sink in the ocean and drown. But he never did, for he discovered that for some reason, he was able to push the water away and control it somehow, creating a sphere around him that led to him surviving the incident.

After he discovered his powers, he started spending more time in the bath, perfecting his abilities up until he had a good amount of control over it. At the age of 10, he first showed his brother, who was more than impressed. He then showed his father, who was certainly more than surprised. But the amount of respect he gained from his father that day was less than he wanted. Warren was close to giving up, but his resolve remained strong.

Shortly after he turned 18, he received a letter in the mail from an organization known as the Investigation Agency for the Supernatural. After some deliberation and discussion with his family, he decided to take the offer and prove his worth.

NEW: He joined IAS for a few months and made friends and gained experience. However, in June of that year, he had to leave and return home due to medical problems and complications in his left arm for some reason. His doctors were unable to find anything in his arm, yet te pain was excruciating. One night, while Warren is sleeping in the hospital room, he's woken up by a figure made of water. The figure then forms words out of water to explain his story.
Turns out the watery figure is created and manipulated by a little worm (kinda like a hookworm) that is blessed with intelligence and the ability to manipulate the water around it. But it needs a host body to act through since the worm feeds off of body heat. No one knows how old the worm is, not even the worm itself. But the worm has appeared throughout history. (How else do you think Moses was able to split the Red Sea? XD)
The worm explains that years ago, he was living in a host body that was a killer whale (he believes the whale was named Shamu or something). Shamu eventually died and the worm entered a new host body of a human. That human was eventually killed in a shark attack and the worm itself was injured by the shark. The worm was left drifting out in the ocean when Warren was 7 and swimming out in the ocean. Warren unknowingly came into contact with the worm, which unconsciously burrowed itself into his left wrist. When Warren was drowning, the worm unconsciously threw a water shield around Warren that looked like Warren was pushing the water away.

 As time passed and Warren learned how to use his abilities, the worm healed up and started making its way towards Warren's nervous system. The recent pain that Warren was experiencing was the worm attaching itself to his nervous system. Apparently the purpose of that is for the two to be able to share the same mind and consciously communicate with each other. The worm gives Warren his water manipulating powers as gratitude for giving him a host body to live in and remain alive.

While he is recovering, Warren starts thinking about his time at IAS and the revelation that he was just born as a normal human instead of a human with powers. This causes him to doubt himself and his efforts. He reveals the worm to his father and brother and they come up with a wrist-mounted device that allows the worm to communicate with anyone else. This device also has the ability to monitor the worm and subdue it if necessary. Warren decides to name the worm Mizu, after the Japanese word for water.
After he's fully recovered, Warren spends some time deciding what to do with the rest of his life. After a talk with his mother, he decides to enroll in culinary school. There, he shows great skill and he studies under his mother, who treats him like the rest of her students at the school,  but they're just like mother and son back home.

Due to a sudden rise of cases in New York City, Warren does these on the side, with help from his father's networks and his own experience in IAS. This has resulted in him being close in power to an IAS Specialist, but not quite there yet.

Warren is now studying cooking and seemingly moving on. Yet for some reason, he keeps having dreams about IAS, a young girl with brown hair, and for some reason, blood...

    Ambition: Warren seeks to earn his father’s admiration and respect by joining the IAS and proving that you don’t need to be a genius to be worthy.

NEW: But now that he is home and has made up with his father, he now strives to move on with his life. Yet for some reason, he cant stop thinking of IAS, or the friends he left behind...

   Specialized Skills: Extremely skilled in martial arts. Skilled in cooking. Skilled with a piano

   Hobbies: Martial arts, playing with his water manipulation, track, flirting with girls, computers, video games, cooking, piano


Random Trivia:

-He is unwilling to hit a girl unless it is jokingly or they push him to do it

-His real name is William, but he thinks it’s too old fashioned

-The blue streaks in his hair are due to hair dye. NEW: However, he's washed them out since he thought they were stupid anyway lol

-His favorite color is blue, like water

-Despite his resentment, he’s afraid of losing his family, most importantly his father

NEW: -His real surname is Chin, but he chose the English surname Mantison to reflect his American nationality and to disassociate himself from his family in order to protect himself ad his family.

-He and his brother can speak in a fluent English accent, but Warren himself prefers his American accent

-He can play the piano well and has since he was 8. Interestingly enough, he hated it when he was younger, but now he loves it

-He has a smartphone that has access to his father's database, which is incredibly extensive

Likes and Dislikes:

 Likes-Praise, martial arts, honor, wit, dogs, fast vehicles, swimming

 Dislikes-Bullies, cheating, picking on the weak, being reminded of his past, cats, dry places


Note: I would also like to thank puchiipanda for help with this picture. I drew the outline and all the details, like the pose and the clothing. But she helped with details, like the face, the hair, coloring, and some of the finer points. I couldn't have done it without her :)

Quick question for you guys:

What do you think would happen if a virus was released onto the internet that disabled all video game systems (not including computers and laptops)? And if the virus infected computer games too?
Here's a meme you guys can do. My answers are located at this link :)


NAME :_______________________

Greatest flaw: 
____ ( you can leave blank)
Best quality:
Quirks: _____
Personal philosophy: ____ ( If you are unsure read THIS )
Faith / religion:  ____
Sexual preference:  ____

Likes :_____
Dislikes: _____
Hobbies : ____


You can check more then one option
[  ]  Digital
Crafts ( does statues or items such as clothes )
[  ]  Add own


You can check more then one option
[  ]  Anime & Manga
American cartoon style
Traditional ( such as Michelangelo , etc. )
[  ]  Add own


You can check more then one option
[  ]  Slow and steady wins the race ( slow but does a good job )
Art machine ( pumps our art almost more then 5 times a day )
[  ]  The wave ( speed may variate )
[  ]  Does not draw at all  ( can't draw or just has no inspiration more then anything )
[  ]  Add own


You can check more then one option
[  ]  Cat
[  ]  Reptile
[  Fish
[  ]   Bird
[  ]   Other ( which ? )

Style of clothes:

You can check more then one option
[  ]  Haute Couture 
Sophisticated   (suit and tie , fancy clothes)
[  ]  Retro ( Old time clothes)
[ Goth
[  ]   Punk
]   Sexy  
[ Casual   , Describe :
[  ]  Traditional wear ( Kimono , Hijāb , Hanfu  , etc. )
[  ]  School Uniform
[  ]  Hippie
[  ]  Worn clothes
[  ]  Cosplay
[  ]  Streetwear
[  ]  Futuristic
[  ]  Other ( tell)

Overall personality:

You can check more then one option
[  ]  The Religious one ( Faith is often a part of everything you do.)
[  ]  The dreamer ( Dreams and is a thinker more then anything)
[  ]  The I.D.G.A.F ( Does not give a fuck)
[  ]  The Paladin ( Does always the right thing )
[  ]  The Cutie-pie ( very nice and sweet , always happy)
[  ]  The Dad / Mom ( Cares and takes care of people almost like a parent)
[  ]  The Knight ( One who lets others eat before them - type of person )
[  ]  The Troll ( can mess around with people for fun )
[  ]  The Boss ( very bossy or takes charges )
[  ]   The Hero ( must help all and save all )
[  ]  The Joker  ( Jokes around a lot.)
[  ]  The Situation  (Drama is never far away, attentional or  not attentional)
[  ]  The Military ( stern and serious)
[  ]  The Void  ( Can seem to lack emotions.)
[  ]  The ____ ( add own if wish , but describe a bit)


You can check more then one option

[  ]  Must look like reference
[  ]  Small adjustments are fine
[  ]  Sexy art is OK - SEMI - NUDITY
[   ]  Sexy art is OK - FULL NUDITY
[   ]  Sexy art is NOT ALLOWED.
[   ]  Do not make cute

OC'S :

You can check more then one option

[   ]  None
[  ]  1 - 4
[  ]  MORE THEN 10
[  ]  A LOT


Free requests by Abunai-Mary. Check it out right here! :D…


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